[ Physics ] Open Question : Thermodynamics problem?

The apparatus in fig. is modified by the addition of stoppers at a height h2 = 1.4 m above the copper block, as shown in Figure Q5a. These stoppers prevent the piston from rising beyond this height. Assuming the following initial conditions, calculate the final temperapure (K) reached after the process occurs in the modified apparatus. Initial conditions: TA1 = 287 K, P1 = 0.9×105 Pa, TC1 = 597 K, h1 = 1 m. Also note that A = 1 m2, mc = 4.6 kg, cv = 716 J/kg/K, R = 287 J/kg/K, and the following copper property: c = 385 J/kg/K.

Source: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid%3D20171002010313AA7eLNz

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