[ Family ] Open Question : Self neglecting father who won’t clean house or get rid of mice, what should I do?

My 69 year old father a bit of a hoarder. To the point where we have mice in the house now. He doesn’t listen to my brother, me or my husband. My husband I moved in to take care of him.
My father, yes, has a lot of things to where half the hallway to his room in blocked off. If he had a heart attack back there, paramedics can’t get to him in time. But recently something else has happened.
My father will sit in his room and will feed the mice that has came in do to the hoarding and it getting colder. He thinks watching them eat is “cute”.
It’s nasty and can cause diseases. We are already feeling the effects from the mice,nausea, fever,headaches.
But my father refuses to do anything about it.
Is this something I can call the Adult Protection Services about?
Would this be considered self neglect?
Did I forget to menthe has early stages of dimentia?

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